Director Profile

Brian Pote-Hunt BSc. Sociology, Associate MRS.

An experienced Director in Local Government and a Director of Ottaway Strategic Management Ltd, Brian was the former Strategic Head of Regeneration and Community Partnerships at LB Sutton where he was responsible for a wide range of programmes including, economic development, urban regeneration, community engagement, third sector funding, health improvement and community safety and substance misuse.


Brian is in tune with the needs of local communities and the wide array of local, regional and national agendas that face public authorities. His experience includes performance management, business planning, strategy development and policy writing, commissioning,  procurement and service redesign in the public, private and voluntary sectors.


Brian has worked extensively in the community sector especially with Black and Ethnic Minority communities. He has set up community led programmes and projects and has experience of capacity building as well as establishing Social and Community Based Enterprise and economic and social regeneration. Brian has considerable expertise in funding programmes in the UK, Europe and through establishing links with the private sector.


Brian has developed and managed complex and high profile projects (Physical Development, Regeneration, Organisational Change, Corporate Strategy and programme management) both within local authorities and more recently as a consultant for a wide range of clients including unitary, district and county councils, government departments, the NHS England, Police and NHS Community Trusts, and the EU, DIFID and the Commonwealth Local Government Forum.


Brian reports in a client focused manner addressing the strategic implications of the research findings and supporting service development and improvement. Brian has served on panels and partnerships, for example as Chair of the Sutton Crime and Disorder Partnership. Brian was a member of the National Network of Regeneration Partnerships and a standing Member of the Sports Council's Race Advisory Group. Formerly Brian sat on the Home Office's Property Crime Reduction Action Team.



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